Our Privacy Policy


We understand that you may be writing about personal matters that must remain private. We understand that any use of that information would rapidly invalidate the utility of our exercises, and we will not use that information in any way, with the exception of your email address, so that we can send you your username and password. A copy of that username and password is saved so that you can retrieve it from us in case of loss, and storage of what you have written so you have access to and can modify it. More detailed information is provided below.

Personal Information

Collection, use and third-party partners or companies

We retain what you write while you are completing the exercises on our servers, so that you can return to the exercises when you wish to. We do not read or review what you have written. We do not use what you have written for any other purposes. We do not directly associate what you write with your name or email address.

We do not retain your credit card information, which is processed by PayPal or Stripe, two of the most frequently used online payment systems.

We do not share the information you provide to us to any other company or person, with the following exceptions made for our partners:

Your credit card information is utilized by PayPal or Stripe, two of the world's largest online payment companies, so that you can purchase our products.

Your email address is utilized by SendOwl (www.sendowl.com) so that a username and password for our exercises can be instantly emailed to you. We retain a copy of the email sent to you by SendOwl so that we can forward your username and password to you if it is misplaced.

Modification or deletion of personal information

You can modify or delete what you write while completing the exercises as you wish. To do so, sign in to Login on the selfauthoring.com home page and add, change or delete information as you wish. If you want us to delete our copy of the email that you were sent after your purchase, which contains your email address, username and password, merely contact us using the support button or by emailing admin@selfauthoring.com with your request. However, if we do delete that copy, we will not be able to forward you the username and password you purchased if it is misplaced.

Communication with Customers

We will not contact you in the future, except to inform of you of important changes or updates to the site. If you want to opt out of any potential future communications, merely email us with that request.